Neely Evanoff

Neely is a marine biologist specialized in research and analysis of pelagic fish and marine protected areas. She has studied and worked on the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Gulf of Mexico, the Great Lakes and the Caribbean Sea. She spends her free time tide pooling, sailing and is an avid reader.

Ocean Nerd | Marine biologist | Advocate for responsible stewardship

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Neely enjoys telling bad ocean puns to middle schoolers at the International Ocean Film Festival's Education Program and leading informational tours in the California Academy of Science's Steinhart Aquarium. She sails, snorkels and goes for far-flung beach hikes in her free time. 

She dabbles as field technician on boats and coasts all over California, constantly hungry to learn and observe. Please visit the contact page for career questions, ocean questions or potential work collaboration (especially if you have space on your boat!)

Please visit the Portfolio page to see example of Neely's writing breadth.  

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